IT Equipment provided to Members of the House of Lords

Members of the House of Lords are provided by Parliament with IT equipment to support their work.
This dataset provides lists of the equipment loaned to Members.

  • The initial list (resource on the Atom feed) shows the equipment purchased after April 2010 and held on loan by Members on Tuesday 19 July 2016
  • The current standard provision is up to two devices from the following list: desktop, laptop, iPad. If two devices are ordered, they cannot be the same, for example, two laptops or two iPads.
  • Home printers are no longer issued and if a printer has previously been issued for home use it will not be replaced or repaired when it fails.
  • Some Members have more than this allocation because:
    • the equipment was issued before the current rules were introduced
    • or they have just been issued with new equipment and the old equipment has yet to be collected for reuse or secure disposal
    • some committees work paperless, in which case an iPad is issued to its membership

A new list will be added every six months as a new resource on the Atom feed.

Use this dataset:
* if you are interested in the provision of IT equipment to Members of the House of Lords

IT Equipment Loaned to Members of the House of Lords - Atom Feed

This feed contains the most recent files listing IT equipment on loan to Members of the House of Lords